NO WAR....for a month

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It has been over a month now, since the inability to war issue has inconvenienced my alliance. While all other alliance's are able to continue to play the game & yeild the benefit of loot, components and axp......we are left to guess that.....well, we don't know what to guess. NEVER in all my years of customer service have I ever experienced nor seen this level of stalling.

As stay at home orders are being enforced thru out the country and world, playing the game becomes even more important as a form of distraction & relaxing. We need a resonable answer as to why the Zynga experts can't figure this our and more importantly, when this is going to be resolved.

This happened last year and took a month to get it resolved. The answers we have recently received when sending in tickets is to leave the alliance and start a new one at L1 perk. We are less than 500,000 from perk 15. The player's base that was hacked immediatly contacted Zynga with no resolve.



  • Commander5601Commander5601 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star

    I agree with our Alliance needing resolution asap. You,(Zynga), have experts that should be better than this. Over a month is a totally unacceptable level of customer service. Our Alliance Family has been robbed of ALOT of loot, components, exp, & axp. Zynga, if this was your base/Alliance, what would your expectation be?

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