Vanguard Challenge FAQ

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Vanguard Challenge FAQ

What is the Vanguard Challenge?

Vanguard Challenge is a new limited-time seasonal event, where you complete challenges, earn points and progress through milestones to earn exclusive rewards.

The event is active for 30 days.

How do I access the Vanguard Challenge?
To access the Vanguard Challenge, tap on the icon next to the Strike Force to access it.

In the Vanguard Challenge UI, you can find your active challenges and your current milestone progression.

What are the challenges that are presented in the Vanguard Challenge?
Challenges in this event tackle various actions in the game which can range from Earning 3-star victories, crafting War Factory boosts, winning or earning points in Alliance Mission, Alliance Wars and more.
In the Vanguard Challenge UI, you will find the current challenge assigned to you.

At a time, 3 challenges will be available to you. Completed challenges will be replaced by a new one.
A challenge card will show info about the type of challenge, the number of interactions required and Vanguard Points awarded for completing that challenge.
Tap on a challenge to get more details about it.

What do I earn by completing a challenge and what are the milestone rewards?
Complete a challenge to earn Vanguard Points. You will only earn a set amount of points listed on a challenge. The points earned will be added to your event progression.

The event has 15 milestones for you to progress through. A milestone’s point requirement is listed in the progression bar with the reward attached for achieving it.

Eight Rewards are distributed among 15 milestones. In addition to the normal rewards, each milestone also has premium rewards that the player can earn, given he has bought the Season Pass.

What is the season pass?
Buy the Season Pass and unlock the Premium Rewards. Progress through the event milestones to claim the Premium Rewards. Premium Rewards include exclusive items like the New Omega Unit Skins, Upgrade and Research Time Reduction boosts, Vanguard crates and more.

How do I redeem rewards in Vanguard challenge?
Once you progress through a milestone, the rewards for that milestones will become available for you to collect. Tap on the “Collect” button on a reward to claim it. These rewards will be added to your gift box.

How do I buy the Season Pass?
You can buy the Season Pass either for the Vanguard Challenge UI or from the in-app purchase section.

Do I still get Free Rewards if I buy the Season Pass?
Yes, players will still receive Free Rewards in addition to Premium Rewards once they progress through the milestones.

I bought the Season Pass. What will happen to the Premium Milestone Rewards I have already progressed through?

As you buy the Season Pass, all the Premium Rewards for milestones you have already progressed through will be unlocked instantly for you to claim.

What are the different skins that I can get from Vanguard Challenge?
Vanguard Challenge rewards 2 new skin, one at Milestone 12 and other at Milestone 15. Milestone 12 unlocks the “Golden Viper” skin for Viper MK1 and Milestone 15 unlocks the “Falcon MK2 Knight” skin for Falcon MK2.

Remember, the skin only changes how an Omega unit looks but the unit’s functionality is still the same.

What are the Research and upgrade time reduction rewards in the Vanguard challenge?
With Research Time Reduction and Upgrade Time Reduction boost unlocked, the time to upgrade a unit or Structure will reduce respectively. There are 2 levels of the boost; both for Research Time Reduction and Upgrade Time Reduction. Unlock the max level of the boost to get the highest time reduction on research or upgrades.

These boosts are automatically activated as you progress through the milestone awarding this boost. The boost effect will last until the end of the season.

How do I change the new skins?
Progress through the milestone which rewards you with a new omega skin. After unlocking it, the option to change the skin for that omega unit will become available in the robotics bay.

Do I still get the skin even if I have not unlocked the Omega Unit?
Yes, the option to change the skin will become active once you unlock the Omega Unit.

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