error code 17 and then you re under attack

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Hello E&A team, good day.

I have not been able to log in to my account since 12 Feb, 2020 - Time: 17:30 pm (Hanoi Time).

I still receive error code 17 (network connectivity). After pressing OK, I receive a message that says "Incoming attack".

I have read all thread in forum, I have tried all the troubleshooting solutions, however, nothing works. Uninstalled and installed the game. I have uninstalled Gameroom, reinstalled, deleted users \ public \ facebook games files. I deleted E n A in Gameroom, as well as downloaded games, I started downloading again. The update is downloaded, I have nothing more open during this update, not even the browser. The internet connection is fine. I try it on another computer, on Android phone and I still receive the same error.

I tried to uninstall EA on my Iphone (ipad also), then start game again, after game demo, I tried to connect to my facebook, choose my account I want (I have more accounts links), the same problem occurred.

p/S: this happent to only one account of mine. I tried another account and still work. What is happening with my account?

Please Team E&A, help me solve this error and be able to enter the game with my account.


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