No loot for two wars in a row and getting same old rubbish response

reccca5reccca5 Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 2 Not a Title, but a Star

What is going on Zynga our alliance has fought in two wars since update and both do not show in warlog and both have not yielded rss or component parts. We are not jumpers, gift boxes have less than 20 gifts, game has been updated and restarted as has IOS (that is not the issue though as it happens on android as well. Then you submit a query that the end advisor obviously cannot be bothered to read and they fire back a generic reply with all of the reasons why it is happening (which is not the reasons). Then eventually they say they have sent some rss and this still isn’t there. Been playing this game for years now and this is getting beyond a joke this issue has happened every upgrade for two years and after fevers upgrade there is the same old issues - amazing though the buy gold button never has a glitch - get it sorted as people are leaving in droves


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