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What is Gator MK2?
The Gator MK2 is an advanced version of the fearsome Gator omega unit. The Gator MK2 lasts longer and fights better compared to your Gator. It comes with an auxiliary ability, the ‘Holo Gator’, that unlocks and upgrades as the Gator MK2 levels up.

What are the new abilities for the Gator MK2?

Unlocked at level 5, the holographic drone projectile countermeasure a.k.a the ‘Holo Gator’ is a hologram decoy deployed when the Gator MK2 takes damage up to or exceeding 8% of its health in a short duration of time. (The damage taken is indicated on the HUD by the meter next to the Super button). The Holo Gator decoy is automatically fired from Gator MK2’s grenade launcher. On impact, it projects a 3d Hologram of Gator MK2, complete with a heat signature and signals pattern to trick human and mechanized enemy units into firing at it. The Holo Gator remains active for 5 seconds providing crucial diversion of fire for Gator MK2 and allied troops. Gator MK2 has 2 decoys available every battle. When fired, the second decoy is available only after a 30-second cooldown.

At Gator MK2 Level 8, the Holo Gator decoy is upgraded to include weapons that can fire at enemy troops and structures!

NOTE: Gator MK2 decoys will not fire unless the threshold damage meter is filled (shown next to the Super meter).

If the meter isn’t filled, the accumulated ‘charge’ decays if no further damage is taken for 20 seconds.

Once a decoy is fired, the cooldown timer over the threshold damage meter counts down 30 seconds to indicate when the next decoy will be available. The number in the counter denotes the number of decoys available.

What is Gator MK2’s Super?
Gator MK2’s super “Magma Ball”, like Gator’s super is essentially a volatile cannonball set on fire! When the super is ready, tap the super button to fire it. The Magma Ball explodes on impact, dealing damage to troops and structures in its splash radius. The napalm ‘magma’ also slows down enemy movement and firing speeds!

How can I get the Gator MK2?
Gator MK2 can be unlocked for use in the Robotics Bay using 400 Quantum (purple) Cores. You can get Quantum Cores by completing Alliance Missions or buying Elite Caches where they are dropped at random.
You can buy Gator MK2 during the Early Access week. Early access is available to players at HQ 8 and above.****************

**How do I switch between an MK1 and MK2 Omega Unit?
Go to the Robotics Bay and click on the Gator MK2 icon at the bottom to view Gator’s stat page. On the left, you’ll see two buttons labeled ‘I’ and ‘II’. Tap on these buttons to toggle between MK1 and MK2 versions of Gator, then hit Deploy with the desired version selected.

How do I level up Gator MK2 in the game?

The Gator MK2 will earn XP in the same manner as it’s MK1 counterpart. The amount of XP received will depend on the damage done and damage received by Gator MK2 in battle.
Like the other Omega MK2 units; Gator MK2 can be leveled up to Level 15. You can level it up faster by using the 2X XP Boost and the Instant XP Boost available in the Robotics Bay.

Can I level up my Gator MK2 Omega Unit without upgrading the HQ?

Yes. The Gator MK2 gains XP and levels up in battles, in defense mode and via XP Boosts. Upgrading the HQ does, however, increase the Damage and Health for Gator MK2 Omega Unit.

Do we have boosts for the MK2 Omega Units?

Yes, the same boosts that exist for the MK1 Omega Units can be applied onto the Gator MK2. There are 3 Offensive and 1 Defensive boost that can be applied.

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