Feedback for Spartan

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Post your feedback and insights about Spartan here!


  • jay floresjay flores Not a Title, but a Star Posts: 30Registered User Forum Traveller

    to much focus on bots how about better offensive units to fight against the offensive changes in the game . Titan tanks , stealth tanks , tomahawks , Apache , all useless against high level bases . This game keeps pushing out bots but forgot about troop development . Enough with bots .

  • StinkyStinky Posts: 131Registered User, Facebook Connect User The Pesky Helper

    I think new Omegas should be limited to no more than 1 new one per year so we can get excited when it happens instead of dreading it.

  • hotelindiahotelindia Posts: 44Registered User, Facebook Connect User Grasshopper
    edited October 28

    this omega is ok ..but as with all the omegas they are too slow...its like the troops and everything are in normal speed but the omegas are operating on slow motion.. really annoying.
    also this omega if dropped in with troops when you activate is super it doesnt protect troops or itself with it by hitting defensive building that are attacking back it just attacks hq or fuel depot etc. it doesnt prioritze threats properly.

  • BirboTurbo69BirboTurbo69 Posts: 7Registered User, Facebook Connect User Loose Cannon

    I think the spartan should be faster, as I feel like it’s supposed to cover other units. I also think it should do more damage. Finally, list the damage done by the rocket pods, and give the rockets some AoE.

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