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Base Layout Editor(BLE) lets you edit your base, save multiple base layout and switch between them anytime.

With base layout editor, you can design your base to your liking by removing all the buildings and units and redesign it from scratch.
BLE tool is introduced with the release of the Spartan Omega Unit and unlocks at HQ 9.

Accessing BLE
To enter BLE, simple tap on the BLE icon on the main HUD.

Now you will be presented with 3 options. You can EDIT the currently selected base, COPY a base layout or set it as “Active”.

Edit Layout
To select a base to edit, just tap on any of the 3 base slots. Pressing on the “Edit Layout” button will take you to the edit mode of the highlighted base layout

Copy Layout
This option lets you make a copy of a layout to other layout slots.
Copying a layout is simple.
1. Select the layout that you want to copy.
2. Tap on the “Copy Layout” button.
3. After tapping on the button, blue arrows (Image Below) can be seen hovering over the other layout slots. Select the base you want to overwrite. You will be shown a confirmation message. Select “Yes” and now you have a copy of your base.

Remember, once you overwrite a base, the previous base layout is forever gone. This option cannot be undone.

Set Active
Use this option to make the current selected layout as your “Active” base.
If a base has missing buildings on the board, it cannot be set as active. This will be denoted by a “!” symbol on the layout slot. Edit the base and place the missing buildings to set the base as active.

Editing a Base
When selected a base for editing, the following options will be presented to you. All of these options will be visible on the right side of the screen.

Erase On/ Off

When the option is “ON”, tapping on any building on the board will move it to the Inventory UI at the bottom half of the screen. Tap on the button again to switch off this option.
The building can still be moved from the board to the Inventory UI without selecting this option. Just tap on any building and an ‘erase’ button will be shown at the bottom of the building. Tap on the button to move the building to the inventory.
NOTE - if all inventory buildings are not placed on the board, then you cannot save the layout.

Remove All

This option moves all the buildings from the board to the inventory.
If by any chance you misselected this option, just tap on the Cancel button, to revert back to your original layout.


Cancel all the changes and revert back to the original layout. Selecting this option will ask a confirmation message. Remember, all the changes done will be lost when canceled.


Save your current base layout. If buildings are still in your inventory, this option will be disabled. Place the missing buildings on your board to enable this option.

Scout View

This option will give you a scout view of the current layout. With this option, you can see the entire deploy zone available to your opponents when they scout your base.

Finish Later

This option is available only when not editing an Active Base. With this option, if you still have missing buildings in your inventory you can save your current state and finish it later.
You cannot set the base as “Active” with missing buildings. Place all the buildings on your base and save your changes to set them active.

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