Code 17 & incoming attack

TRAPPATRAPPA Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star

On the 23rd September 2019 while doing an alliance mission the Game crashed and sent me to my home screen, when I clicked back on the app It comes up with code 17 when I hit ok it then goes to incoming attack wait 4 minutes which I do then the whole process starts again.
I play on 3 devices all have heaps of memory and they all do the same thing, Internet is fine. I can delete the app and reinstall reconnect on Facebook and can then play on other accounts but as soon as I click on my main account I am locked out again :( so I delete and reinstall again and now I have extra accounts which I don’t want
I have logged a ticket 8277137 and sent some very detailed emails with regard to this problem
I need some help please


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