Declaration of war (personally 1 vs 1)

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When we are attacking as Retaliation each other with an opponent, I would like an option to “declaration” to the opponent! If the opponent accept the declaration, attack each other in turn. Winner must win attack and defense both. “Retaliation is over” means the end of the battles among 1vs1. That’s the another option of different from “quick match(search) mode”!!

Thanks for reading. Long passages below are only about my opponent.
When I had started EmAllie I found Quick Match mode but I didn’t guess the QM was not main game-mode. I played World Map campaign to complete all the world, but I didn’t guess ADF was not really main game-mode. I have not yet found the main game mode of EmAllie. Quick Match is just for instant battles, leagues is almost belong to QM. I have not the answer yet so far. War is interesting but that’s a sub game-mode for some players. About ADF, saving all over the world is too easy when we get HQ30’s. Manticore is not main game-mode of EmAllie. just an event.


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