and another lopsided alliance war match up

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Our alliance, like everyone elses, has been getting some insanely lopsided unfair match ups. Look at the data for this one below. My alliance is shown on the left. We had been putting in 30+ bases for wars and getting some dropped and still having impossible opponents. So this time I went with 14 bases. The match up took less than 10 minutes to happen. My alliance highest HQ is 18, highest level 56. Theirs? 24/67. None of our bases have nukes and 6 of theirs do. How is this fun, competitive or fair? It isn't. It is a waste of time, waste of resources and just discouraging. Look at the totals and averages. There is nothing about this match up that is even close. The only thing they got right is the number of bases. After reading all the other similar posts, I'm not bothering putting in a ticket.


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    wars are matched by medal count it has nothing to do with hq level.. this is why alot of alliances keep their medal count low to get easy wins... try adding only bases with low medal count to war and see what i mean.

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    Wars are matched on player xp level. HQ or medals have nothing to do with war matching. Missmatches usually happen after 1 alliance has been searching for a long time (1hr+). Even if your alliance has only just started searching it can still mismatch if another alliance is out there that has been searching for a while as their search will have expanded to help it find a match.

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