button for participitation in alliance war is unknown

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dear fellow users/players/generals and brigadiers,
do you all have the problem, that the members of your alliance do not actively use the button for choosing in/out for the alliance war?
my experience is that most players simply don't know of the existence of this very button down in the dumps of the alliance menu. they don't know where this button is and if they know, they don't know what it's used for. (of course they can't, because they are not allowed to start an alliance war and don't ever see that screen) in the result, it is practically unclear for a general or brigadier to say, who will really participate in an alliance war, and activity in alliance war is low, cause the preset is: I will participate.
my suggestion to improve that are two actions:
1. dear Zynga team, please put that alliance war button on the main base screen, right next to the players name, and give it a coloured code, e.g. green (for setting: I will participate) and red ( for setting: i will NOT participate).
2. make it one part of the daily missions then and when, to actively switch that button a few times.
hopefully, with these actions the players will more actively or more cautiously set set their state of participation in an uprising alliance war.

please give me your opinions and experiences with that issue.
thanks in advance!

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