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Q: What is Alliance Missions?
Alliance Missions is a new Alliance VS. Alliance battle mode, where two squads of 6 players each compete for Mission Points (MP). The Squad/ Alliance with the highest Mission Points at the end of the fixed duration wins the Mission.

Winners of the Mission will be awarded Resources, War Factory components, Mission Crates and Alliance XP.

What are the requirements to participate in the Alliance Missions?
Currently, only HQ level 12 or higher players who are also part of Alliances at Prestige Level 4 or higher will be able to participate in alliance wars. We are however planning to extend this to more players gradually.

How can I join a Mission?
You can access Alliance Mission from the “Mission” HUD Icon.

Alliance Missions HUD icon

In Alliance Missions UI, the General and Brigadier can create Squads for the Missions.

Only the General and Brigadiers can create squads for Missions

Q: What are the different phases of Alliance Missions?
When a squad is full (6 players), the Mission will automatically move to matchmaking. After an opponent is found, the Mission will begin. A Mission consists of 2 Phases –

  1. Preparation phase
  2. Battle Phase

After the battle phase, the Mission concludes, and results & rewards of the Mission are granted to the player, thus ending the Mission.

How do I know when an opponent is found against my squad?
When an opponent is found through matchmaking, a Notification will be sent to your device informing you. While in-game, the alliance chat will show notification about the match being moved to the preparation phase.

Alliance Chat Notification when an opponent is found

A notification sent to your device

Notification next to the Alliance Mission icon about an opponent being found and the battle moving to the Preparation Phase

Note: When an opponent is found, the match will automatically move to the preparation phase.

Q: What is the preparation phase and what are the actions I can do during this phase?
After a suitable opponent is found through matchmaking, the Mission automatically moves to the Preparation phase.

Preparation phase as the name suggest is the time allotted to occupy a territory to set-up an Outpost; make changes to your Outpost’s layout (change position of structures) through “MANAGE”; and fortify your defenses for the upcoming battles.

All these actions can be performed from the Mission Board.

Q: What is an Outpost?
Outposts are similar to player bases, where the player’s defense and support structures exist. The player can rearrange the layout of the outpost to assemble the best possible defense for the upcoming battles.
The levels of the structures will be the same as on the main base. Any changes done on the Outpost will not reflect in the main base.

Q: How do I occupy territory?
You can occupy any territory and set up an outpost as long as it is vacant. You cannot occupy a territory already occupied by other squad members. To occupy a territory, tap on any vacant territory to bring up the contextual menu and select the “Occupy” button to occupy it.

During the Preparation phase; you can exchange your outpost with your Squad Mates by vacating your current territory by selecting the “Vacate” option and occupy theirs.
Strategize with your Squadmates to find the most optimal position for you and your squadmates outpost by using the “Mission Chat”.

By the end of the Preparation Phase, if any players have not occupied a territory, their positions will be auto-assigned randomly at the end of the preparation phase.

Q: How can I make changes to my Outpost’s Layout?
Tap on your occupied territory on the board to reveal the Contextual Menu. You can make changes to your Outpost by selecting the “Manage” button.

Tap on your territory to bring up the contextual Menu. Select “Manage” to Edit your outpost’s Layout

On the Mission outpost, you can place 6 more Rally Flags to fortify your defenses. These extra Rally flags are only available for Alliance Missions and will not carry over to your main base.

You can change the layout of your outpost by moving structures around and deploying Omega units for defense. You, however, cannot place War factory structures during the preparation phase. Only the WF structures which were placed before the preparation phase started will be available.

Q: Will any of the changes made to my outpost in Alliance Missions reflect on my main base?
No. Any changes to the Outpost in Alliance Mission will not reflect on your main base. Moreover, any changes on your main base after the matchmaking ends won’t reflect on your Alliance Mission Outpost either.

Q: How can I initiate an attack on enemy territories?
To initiate an attack on a target territory, you have to first “March” your troops towards it. After the march is over, you are free to attack that territory.

Q: How do I march towards enemy territories?
Firstly, you must always remember; you can only match towards (enemy) territories whose at least one adjacent territory is captured or occupied by an ally. There should be a path connecting the friendly territories from your outpost to the enemy territory.

Remember Red Territories belongs to the enemy and Blue belong to your squad.

You can March to the marked territories since at least one of the adjacent territories is captured by your team.

Tap on the territory where you are eligible to march and select “March”.

Tap on an enemy territory and select “MARCH”

On selecting the node that a player wishes and is able to march, the marching duration will be displayed.

Q: How is marching time calculated?
Marching duration will be calculated on the basis of the path between two territories. Once started, marching is independent of the path. Only the starting and ending node will be considered.

March timer is shown on the territory you have selected to attack

A countdown timer will start when the 'March' is initiated and the troops will arrive on the target node as the timer runs out.
When the timer runs out and your troops have reached the target territory; you are free to attack that territory.


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    Q: What are the actions I can perform during marching?
    Two actions that can be performed while marching are:

    • Speed up (power-up) - Use this power up to reduce the marching time by 50%.
    • Recall (action) - Cancel marching and return the troops back to player base immediately.

    These options are available from the contextual menu when you tap on the target territory.

    Q: How do I attack an enemy outpost?
    On reaching the target territory (enemy), the Attack option will be provided if the target is not under attack already. If the target outpost is under attack by one of your allies, the player will have to wait for this turn till the attack is over and then attack.

    The Territory will flash red when an opponent is “ATTACKING”.

    To initiate the attack for battle, tap on the enemy territory to bring up the contextual menu and select “ATTACK”.

    Name of the queued player whose troops have reached the target will be shown in “Incoming Troops” Section. They can attack an outpost by selecting the “ATTACK” option.

    If there are multiple troops arriving on the same territory, the first one to attack will go into the battle and others will move into a waiting pool. If the battle is over and the enemy outpost has still some health remaining, any player in the waiting pool can initiate an attack. Others will be retained in the waiting pool.

    If the ownership of the territory a player is marching towards has changed at the time of March or waiting; the player will not be provided with an attack option. He will be provided only with a return option.

    The Outpost layout of the captured territory will be the same as the player who captured.

    Q: How do I capture enemy territories?
    You can capture enemy territories by completely destroying the outpost on that territory. You and your squad members may also use multiple attacks to destroy the outpost. These outposts carry ‘Persistent Damage’. That means any damage done to them will sustain during the next attack.

    Destroy the outpost completely to capture it

    The percentage of health show is the remaining health of that outpost before. Reduce it to 0% to capture it.

    Note: After an unsuccessful attempt, the destroyed structures will not appear during the next attack, but all the Rally Flag units will be re-stationed for every subsequent attack.

    Q: Can I march/attack a territory, if my outpost is captured?
    If your outpost is captured and you do not have any other captured territory on the board, you cannot march/attack a territory. You have to either wait to get respawned back to your territory or wait unit one of your allies reclaims your outpost for you.

    Waiting time for the player be respawned back to his territory

    Remember, if your original outpost is captured, but you still have captured territories on the board; you can still march or attack enemy territories from your captured territories.

    Q: Can I apply boost to a captured territory?
    Yes, you can apply fortify boosts to a captured territory. But remember, once the enemy respawns or the territory is reclaimed, the boost is no longer available in effect.

    Q: What benefits does a captured territory provide?
    After an enemy territory has been captured; it will now generate mission points and you as well as your allies will be able to march to the adjacent enemy territories for attacks.

    A captured territory will change its color from red to blue and vice versa.

    Q: How do I and my team get mission points?
    Mission points are generated every 5 seconds for every friendly territory still under the player’s control and enemy territories captured. Captured territories will generate more points than friendly territories will.

    Q: How can I know the points generated by my allies or squad mates?
    Tap on the score upper right corner team score, to bring up the mission scoreboard; listing individual player’s Mission Point’s contribution.

    Q: Which troops can I use in the Alliance Missions?
    Troops trained on the main base can be used in Alliance Missions to attack Outposts. The tarmacs will be shared for both the regular PvP/PvE and Alliance Missions.

    There will be a “Re-train” option in the Alliance Mission UI, to quickly train tarmac troops without going back to the Main Base.

    Strike Force applied on a troop tarmac will reflect in AM and the strike-force will expire as per the regular expiry duration.

    Q: Which Omega units I can use in the Alliance Missions?
    All the Omega units unlocked before the start of a mission can be used.

    During the mission, you can cycle through only those Omega Units who have been unlocked before the preparation phase was initiated. Omega units unlocked during a mission will not be available during that mission.

    Q: What are boosts I can use for Alliance Missions?

    Q: What are the rewards I can get by participating in the Alliance Missions?
    After every battle, the player will be awarded Resources (Supply, Fuel, Steel, and Tech). The amount of resources the player will receive will depend on the percentage of damage done and the HQ of the defender. If the player attacks a higher HQ outpost compared to his/ her, he/ she will receive more resources compared to attacking a lower HQ outpost doing the same percentage of damage.

    Rewards given to the player at the end of the battle.

    At the end of the alliance mission; the player will be awarded Resources, an Alliance Mission Crate (given his squad wins the mission) and war factory components. The amount of Resources and WF components awarded will depend on the total damage done throughout the mission.

    Rewards given at the end of the mission.

    Q: Can I access my past Missions history?
    In the Mission Squad UI, tap on the clipboard Icon to reveal the past Mission Logs. Tap on a log to reveal the stats of that mission.

    Tap on the Clipboard icon to reveal Mission History
    Mission logs of the past mission. Tap on a Log to the revel the final stats of that Mission.

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