Badly needed fixes

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When someone joins an alliance, their resource requests cannot be seen unless they add alliance members to friends. Why is that? The friend request option has been twitchy since day one anyway. I have brigadiers have been in my alliance for over a year and they still can't get people on their friends list so no-one can see and fill resource requests. It's completely absurd.

If someone joins an alliance and asks for resources and gets ignored because they didn't know they had to go to alliance list and ask for friends from everyone and 90 % of the people they see an incoming request in alliance tab, but most of the time when they click on incoming notification it doesn't show friend request, it just shows view recommended option. That's just broken....fix it. People join alliances to be involved.

Problem #2 Only the leader or brigadier starting a war search can actually view who is opted in or out for wars? How can anyone tell what's going on with many players if they can only check once every few days as long as someone else hasn't started a war search before they look. I try to run run a fairly tight alliance, but these 2 things make it impossible to get a handle on what's happening.

Come on Zynga, these are basic issues, forget new events and massive updates. It's a good game concept, but if you can't make obvious, basic fixes...what's the point in doing all the fancy stuff.


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