Empires and Allies Q&A Session - Part 2

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Commanders, we thank you for putting forward your questions to us and it was a delight for our team to come together and answer them for you.

Q: Why not add a second tech and Steel factory, or add more resources in operation killswitch and other missions?
The amount of resources that user is getting from multiple sources and activities is tending to follow some certain balance concepts, so that the game will remain exciting and reasonably challenging. And we believe that the game has enough of these sources to provide a desirable amount of resources to any player. Additionally, we are continuously releasing new events and scenarios ("Operation Manticore" from the most recent ones) for the same purpose, and more of those is on the way!

Q: How do you see to change the present game experience to be more progressive?
Empires and Allies is designed to be a tier-based game. That is to say user is going through different chunks of the content and features, as he progresses between HQ levels. All other activities in game are revolving around this concept, constantly providing player with various way to reach a goal he set to himself: whether it is medals run, alliance domination, max research and upgrade level, etc. Nevertheless, we do acknowledge that the existing set of activities in the game may need some sort of a refreshment, and we are working on a few new and vast components to fix it.

Q: Is there a long term development plan? The addition of Omega units takes the game the wrong way IMHO, how do Omegas play into the long view?
Omega Units certainly playing a major role in current meta, and we are planning to reinforce this component even more in the close future. It is normal, that not all of our player are finding Omega Units appealing enough. It is on us that they cannot provide a desirable experience for any user. Exactly for this purpose we are exploring other venues for providing various experience to different types of players from interaction with this component of the game.

Q: Can you add boss base on operation killswitch like manticore base?
It's a really interesting suggestion that we are thinking about. The most recent event -- operation Manticore -- showed, that players are finding the concept of Bosses and unique missions appealing enough. That is to say, we are not excluding a possibility of modifying "KillSwitch" event, as well as creating new ones with new conditions and bosses.

Q: Units like MLRS, Ravagers, Tomahawks and Apache are under utilized. Can they be improved so they are more usable?
As of today, there's definitely a problem with the mentioned units in terms of how they are balanced. The explanation to this is that being in the game long enough, these troops experienced multiple meta shifts and went through various stages of game's progress. If Tomahawks were pretty popular a year ago, now there's not much of strategic space for using them. However, we are acknowledging this and working on the balance component for these troops. Ravager, the most recent one from the list, already received another stats and is rolled out world-wide.

Q: The walls, they're just there for show , can we try to make the walls relevant?
Although the concern is clear, walls are playing a big role in combat. While Omega Units don’t see much of difficulties in dealing with them, all other troops are keeping walls in consideration while finding the path and attacking the target. Making walls stronger or changing their behavior will affect combat drastically, something we are not ready to do right now. The better way would be, as suggested, to create a counter scenario where the walls can be interacted through different actions -- something we are thinking about at the moment.

Q: How about making alliances with 75-100 players?
We think that the current limit of the members an Alliance can have is well balanced and manageable by the Alliance owner. Increasing this number doesn't look like a solution to any of existing needs the Alliance system has.

Q: Can we stop getting opponents on the basis of medal count..rather than HQ level? Secondly why can we not protect our resources on our own base rather than transferring them to other accounts and loosing them in transfer fees?
Medal count is a more precise tool for matchmaking rather than HQ or Player's level. It reflects how good one performing at the any given moment, whereas HQ level leaves more space for interpretation. Also, the amount of medal user possess puts him into specific League, that has its own matchmaking mechanism, that operates with player pool specific for the given League.

Q: Why can’t you adjust the strength levels of the omegas/units to make the game better?
A: We always considering nerfing anything as the last resort. Omega Units are the most popular troops in the game and we have learned that our players love them. However, there is a problem with how they are aligned against other units. To resolve this, we'd rather to introduce counter-measures, with which player will be able to resist to Omega Units effectively. Something we are actively working on at the moment, so stay tuned!

Q: Hello team Zynga, my question is how you convince me, and other existing players to keep playing Empires and Allies? Thank you!
Dear players, actions speak louder than words! Saying so, if you'll take a look at the period of 2017-2018, you might have noticed that the amount of work E&A has put into the game is tremendous: 3 new Heroes, 3 sets of new HQ levels, new event Operation Manticore, new War Factory, units, items and more. This is not to mention a set of things we are working on at the moment and looking forward to release it very soon. Of course, along the way we are facing all sorts of difficulties: from technical ones to design and balancing. But we are admitting them, fixing and moving forward, as there are always bigger plans on how to make the game better!

Q: How come at some point you can’t get any more assists on research or construction?
The present limit in number of assists player can is there for a reason. Mostly it is related to balance, but also we want players experience of interacting with the game to be rich and variable enough. For this we are providing variable venues for reaching every goal in the game. Receiving help from alliance member is fine, but we believe that user has to able to accomplish what his is after himself as well.

Q: In a alliance war, once an alliance got the full flags, can the war then end?
We are continuously receiving a great number of suggestions to Alliance Wars, one of the most popular game modes. As a result, we are keep thinking on reinventing this, and currently working on something completely new. The update will go out very soon!

Q: Can you add some jet fighter unit and new weapons?
With every big update, like HQ levels, we are adding something new to the core gameplay -- whether it a new unit, structure or ability.

Q: Can you make it possible to transfer, share, or sell the War Factory Components to other players?
We are seeing a better way to sink War Factory components through allowing players to craft something new with them, and working on providing this kind of exciting opportunities.

Communication works for those who work for it and we assure you that team Empires and Allies is working round the clock to make sure that you get the best playing experience. So stay tuned and keep playing Empires and Allies!


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