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We war pretty much back to back, and win most. In the last week or so we've gained over 40 thousand AXP towards the next perk. We have 8 perks so far. I do not tolerate any disrespect or drama, that being said my Brigadiers which one is my wife does not either. Our wars are between 6-10 PM EST. All I ask of players are to be respectful, active, and be on time for wars. We know there are kids, and work which come before a game. Like I told a loyal member recently after he apologized for not being on time for a war. "If he put a game before his kids I would have questions". My main players including myself are either retired or disabled so very active. I once allowed jumpers to help with wars until that jump team disrespected my team and lied to me, therefore no more jumpers unless it is a team I've known since I began playing who is just now forming a jump team. We do help with assists and resources all we can.

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