Gator's Shield

RomaRoma Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 42 Grasshopper
Gator's shield is OP (Over Power)! Nerf it!
I can't use Apaches, becouse he always use it!
Now he absorbs the damage. I propose to change this.
Shield should reduce damage by ≈90% or add shield reload ≈2 seconds.


  • jhonnyplumberjhonnyplumber Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 714 Party Starter

    i agree, its total bs that it can shield on and off instantly, either fix it so it has cooldown or get rid of it out of my hammerfall matches, i come on to play for fun, not waste my time...even my max falcon couldnt take out a lvl 10 gator because it just had a constant shield

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