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im a general. ive asked this question twice ingame to the developers. there is an option with an envelope that says announcement from general and brigs. i am not seeing where or how to post there. i cant click it it just says no messages. both times the developers told me its for generals and brigs. they apparently keep missing where ive said im a general can someone please tell me how to use this feature. where do i click to post there


  • weimarticweimartic Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 24 Clueless Cookie

    kolchack is right,
    there´s a missing button in the game. I became general in my alliance the past days, and as I wanted to announce some topics to all my teammates via the "envelope" , i couldn´t find the button where to click to make my announcements being displayed in the envelope tab. I only can make annoucements, that pop up in the general alliance chat and disappear after one to two days.
    by the way: i only use my mobile to play e&a. maybe that´s a key?
    thx for checking,

  • weimarticweimartic Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 24 Clueless Cookie

    where is the button to make announcements to my alliance to appear the envelope tab?
    I am a general in my alliance and still cannot find the needed button. where is it?
    once again, i am a general, i should have the rights to do so, no?
    player kolchack reported ´bout this problem 3 months ago and nothing happened, no one even replied to her/him.
    that´s why i opened a new discussion.
    would be pleased about uncanned answeres.
    thx, weimartic

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    when you click on your team members you get the option to send them a message. when you message them like that your message will appear in that box for them

  • Aloha BunnyAloha Bunny Super Moderator Registered User, Super Moderator, Facebook Connect User Posts: 1,688 Moderator

    Apologies for late reply, @Kolchack, @weimartic, and BP. Please follow the instructions outlined in this article to help you. Thanks!

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