War component distribution

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What factors decide which and how many components are given at the end of a war?


  • MillresMillres Clueless Cookie Registered User Posts: 39 Learning the Ropes

    It's something like this, what ever you need the most of you won't get. And what ever you have allot of you'll get allot of them. Brilliant isn't it? I've got 300 of one type and 20 of another really random huh.

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    Lol @millres. Are you talking about quick-matches, or Alliance war? if you have the war components 4th perk from your alliance, you will get a few war components if you win or lose, but you get more if you win. It quick-matches, operation Hammerfall, and world non-GRA opponents you get a lot when you are just starting out, and very few after you have either attacked a bunch or have built your HQ to a high level like in the 20s or so

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