Event: Operation Hammerfall FAQ

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Q: What is Operation Hammerfall?
Operation Hammerfall is a Global Operation where you fight enemy player bases to earn exclusive rewards.

Q: How do I access Operation Hammerfall in the game?
Operation Hammerfall will be available on liberating Central Africa on the Globe. You can access the event by clicking on the Operation Hammerfall icon on the base or the icon on the globe when the event is live.

Q: How do I progress on Operation Hammerfall?
Collect Stars by destroying enemy player bases in Operation Hammerfall. This will count towards your progress on the Reward bar and overall event progress. Collect all 60 stars to complete the event and earn all the Rewards.

Q: What are the Boosts available that can help me progress faster in Operation Hammerfall?
There are 2 powerful Hammerfall Boosts available at your disposal during the event:

  • Command Points: Purchasing this boost grants 10 more Command points for a duration of 60 minutes.
  • Nuke: Purchasing this boost grants you 1 nuke in every battle for a duration of 15 minutes.

Q: Can I use these Boosts outside of Operation Hammerfall?
No. These Boosts are applicable only in Operation Hammerfall. It will also not be carried forward after the event ends.

Q: How do I access these Boosts and use them in the event?
Boosts are available on the right side of the screen (see below). Click on the Boost section to open the Boosts purchase page.

Once purchased and activated, you will be able to see the time left for the Boosts to expire (see below).

Once activated in the Hammerfall event, the active Boosts are displayed on the right side of the screen (see below).

Q: What is the Gunship X-250?
The Gunship X-250 is a Boost that can be applied to your Weapons Command. On application, you will have the option to use one FREE Gunship attack in every battle while the Boost is active.

Q: Why do I see three different variations in the Gunship X-250 and how do I earn it?
Gunship X-250 boost is earned by collecting Stars in Operation Hammerfall. Once you earn the required number of Stars you will receive the Gunship X-250 Boost.

  • Earning 20 stars unlocks Bronze Gunship X-250 that is available for 15 minutes on usage.
  • Earning 40 stars unlocks Silver Gunship X-250 that is available for 1 hour on usage.
  • Earning 60 stars unlocks Golden Gunship X-250 that is available for 3 hours on usage.

Q: How do I use the Gunship X-250 Reward?
Once you earn the Gunship X-250 boost, it will be deposited in your Gift box. Collect it from the Gift box to place it in your Inventory. Drag the boost from your inventory onto your Weapons Command to use the awesome Gunship Command Power.

Q: Can I use the Gunship-X250 Command Power outside Operation Hammerfall?
Yes. After applying the Gunship-X 250 boost to your Weapons Command, you can use the Gunship Command Power in any battle.

Q: Can I play this event again after completing it?
Yes. After collecting all 60 stars from enemy player bases you will have the ability to restart the event and earn more Rewards. You can restart the event only once.

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