Anyone Interested in trying to match each other in AVA war?

StinkyStinky Posts: 134Registered User, Facebook Connect User The Pesky Helper

I am curious if it can be done, it guarantees a fair war, and it might be fun to try and pull it off.

Here’s what I propose:

2 generals write down the XP levels of all their alliance members. These numbers are then used to create select 2 teams of identical “war weight” (war weight is the score used by the matching algorithm to find war opponents. Zynga has told us this is primarily XP level.) Next the 2 generals pick a mutually agreeable start time for the war and start their search with the agreed upon rosters at the same time.

It is complicated but not impossible and you are guaranteed a very fair war match at the time you want. I have done this in other games before. The hardest part is getting all the information the first time, after that it is easier.



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