Alumni list per alliance to stop teams hijacking & win loots / alliance resources intruders

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I would request an Alumni List for each alliance controlled by General. This list should should contain:

  • All users were in the team then left.
  • All users were invited by one of the team.
  • All users "Dismissed"(*) from the team.

Think of it as alliance/team friends list. Users in this list should be able to join the team without invitation if alliance joining is set in "invited-only". Also their rank should be preserved.

(*) "_Dismissed_" : an option I would request it too. like explained in point 3 of this post

  1. Kick: remove a user from team without putting him in Alumni list.
  2. Dismiss: remove a user from team & put him in the Alumni list.

Objective of this solution are:

Currently, my team is OPEN. Because we have some friends that help us from time to time and join us in war sometimes.

Also some of these bad users change name each time they join.

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