Auto-Repair on Defense Boost for Omega Units FAQ

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Question: What is the Auto-Repair on Defense Boost?
: The Auto-Repair Boost will automatically repair/revive your deployed Omega unit after it defends your base. It will activate after every defense battle.

Question: Are there any conditions required for the Boost to activate and repair my Omega Unit?
: Your Omega unit must be deployed on your base and must take part in defending the base. It also has to take a minimum of 10% damage off its overall health for the Boost to activate and repair the unit. If the boost is not used, it will not detract from your overall count of boosts remaining.

Question: Does the Boost have a time limit?
Answer: Unlike the Offensive Auto-Repair Boost, the Defensive Auto-Repair Boost only expires when the Omega Unit have already used up the remaining boosts, and is then fully reduced to zero.

Question: Can I add more boosts before the overall count is fully reduced?
: Yes, you can continuously add to your overall count of boosts remaining in order to ensure your Omega Unit is always repaired/revived after defending your base.

Question: Will this boost repair my Omega Unit after I attack an enemy base?
: No, this boost only repairs your Omega Unit after it defends your base. You will need to use the Offensive Auto-Repair boost to repair your unit after attacking an enemy base.

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