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Here's a list of my past requests that would (IMHO) improve the game. Recycle unwanted inventory items to gain war factory comps, the ability to share replays with alliance members (not just war replays), fix the fact that Quick Matches aren't based on just medals (I've proved this instance) [HQ lvl 14 with 4500 medals shouldn't get matched with HQ 20 of the same medal count]. I've noticed that if you change your omegas to lower level omegas you get lower level QM's. Its not just based on medal matches. It should take into consideration the level of the troops, HQ level and then possibly medal count.


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    Recycling items to war factory comp, I agree!

    Share replays, I like it but now it makes more bugs because of current unsteady programming. (I also wished many requests but I was waiting for an year. At first bug should have been fixed. I’m worrying about that programming gets heavy if they add something. Before they add something they should recycle or throw away wasted-programming codes to keep steady light weight. I’ve been waiting for this before adding something, for an year. Bug should be fixed but they can’t do perfect like other comfortable games.)

    QM making, I guess they have already FIXED something for us, but they didn’t explain anything about this QM yet. So I can’t understand Zynga’s thought. I can understand you & many players’ complaint about this QM.

    (I’m not Zyngar so I don’t relay this to the team. lol)

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