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Having been a General of an alliance for over 2 years, I find that, though the ranks and brigadiers was a welcome change, that there are several items I would like added to the alliance as a whole.

  1. Newcomers Alliance requirements acceptance page.

    Once accepted the recruit moves to being a “member” and would automatically announce in alliance chat that “…name…” has become a member!
    So on this page there might be a set of requirements for the alliance and there would be buttons to “accept” or “exit”.

I suggest a page allowed to be 12 separate lines of text And the ability to add links on that page to YouTube Tutorials, Group chat sites and other helpful sites. If not the latter the prior should suffice.

If accepted the person would be moved from recruit to a “member” I would change the “Lieutenant” rank to “member” for this purpose. And as being a member they would be allowed to fight in wars and receive the benefits therein and receive alliance bounty and all. If said member fails to meet the standards agreed to they would be dismissed from the alliance.

  1. “Kicked” changed to “Dismissed” for all ranking members. I find that the work “kicked” is too harsh for a higher-ranking member to do to a longstanding member that can no longer meet the requirements of the alliance. Possibly change the “dismissed” word to the announcements as an option. The action is still the same but the wording has changed in the chat announcement.

  2. Generals could assign a returning jumper of High standing in the alliance a chosen rank. That upon arrival would instantly change from recruit to the specified rank. But If the jumper does not return or is inactive for more that 4 days will lose that standing and would have to be reinstated by the general.

I hope that these changes are easy to add and would benefit all generals everywhere.

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