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After Commanders beat the global map why have basically nothing on the map any longer? Instead I and other players I have spoke with would like it to open up and have all players on it! By the time most players have beat the global map they are experienced enough to be on a global map full of players. Doing that would create issues with high level players hitting lower ones, however most likely they won't have resources a much higher level player would want and not even bother. That is also why shields were created correct? It would also stop the madness about fair quick matches. Yes many would complain about it one way or another, but that will never stop either way. I have seen complaints in the forum from players that are nothing, but their own defense problems.


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    we were just talking about this today in my alliance. Having actual players on a giant map would be an amazing addition to this game. It could also be set up to only be able to hit within a certain criteria or have separate maps for that criteria. Maybe have HQ levels 1-5 on 1 map. 6-10 on another. 11-15 and so on and so fourth.

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    Maybe its more like a 24/7 Hammerfall.

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    maybe once you complete the globe it should just close down, then no one will be accused of exploiting it, seeing as the only reason it is there is to get resources, but now thats an issue , theres no war components from the pvp battles so why does it even matter anymore? my max base hq26 iq 86 has hq 20,s as opponents so what youre suggesting is its ok if i attack them all day long and if they complain bad luck . the hq 20 has heaps more resources than the hq26s because i wont lose no troops and get no damage to my omega , so theres a win win for me, not so much for the hq20.

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    We acknowledge your thoughts, Commanders. This will be relayed to the team. Thank you.

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    How about Zynga just remove the limits on mission changes. What a step in the right direction this would be

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