Used gold, but never got the item; crafted a stealth generator, but not in inventory

benhallonlinebenhallonline Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 3 Not a Title, but a Star

About 5 days ago I used gold to finish crafting a shield. My shield never appeared. The following day, I submitted a ticket through the game. The person responded verifying I used gold to craft the shield and that I now have 2 shields in my inventory. I checked and nothing there. I sent another message. A day or two later they responded by saying they verified I used gold to craft a dome. I did craft a dome between that time, but never used gold. Meanwhile, I've lost rss on attacks, they won't give me the shield I crafted, and they won't replenish the gold. I'm not asking for all of the above--just do what's right!

And to increase the problem: yesterday I used 900 yellow triangle things to craft a stealth generator. There is no steal generator in my inventory and I never used it. I haven't been impressed with the customer service at all.


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