Why I Stopped Playing Regularly and No Longer Buy Gold

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The game has become a defensive catastrophe. I've worked hard to get my base to 84, but still it gets cleared by 59's and their silly robots. This had been a strategy war game. So again, even though I've been complaining about this for 2 years, here's some low-hanging fruit to return some balance defensively. These are easy, even your novice-level programmers could manage them.

1) HIDE THE FREAKING MINES. They're MINES. You already have the capabilities of marking objects as hidden. ALL mines should be invisible to an enemy until they roll/walk over them.

2) Even easier to fix, STOP ANNOUNCING in scouting (QM or wars) that an opponent is using a STEALTH (read that again: STEALTH) generator. Good freaking grief.

Can you finally knock these two out for the next update, please?


Gord (formerly daily player and supporter of several Zynga salaries)


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    We appreciate your feedback and suggestion, @Gord. I agree that Mines should be hidden and having Stealth Generator should not be announced as well. Let me forward this to the team for you, and we hope that you continue playing as we do our best to improve the game. Thank you.

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    @Gord I think the mines are better displayed especially since they are not very strong. Displayed they make great deterrents, so you can more easily steer your victims into your traps. I personally ignore them because they are so weak.

    As for announcing stealth, yeah you should have to figure it out on your own, but all that does is require that everyone scout more carefully, and it takes too long to load each base..... I would wager more players would quit if stealth were not announced than would be saved if it continues to be announced. So if the game loaded faster I would agree with you.

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    @ Stinky I respectfully disagree. What you're describing in your first paragraph is what Orthopedists refer to as "adaptive behavior." For example, you dislocate a shoulder and, while it's healing, you compensate by relying on your other arm and body positioning to do much of what you'd done before, even to the point of not even realizing it anymore. The mines would not be "so weak" if they behaved like real mines--HIDDEN.

    I agree with your characterization of what would happen if the game did not announce there was a stealth generator. Yes, players would have to be more mindful of the base, even to check the HQ and to count how many defensive structures exist while scouting in order to deduce that, whoa! Some of them may be hidden based on the opponent's level; better adjust STRATEGY accordingly.

    As to your assertion that "more players would quit if stealth were not announced" I'd like to see empirical evidence for what I currently consider a strawman argument built solely to support your POV. Of course, if you have evidence from Zynga that such has occurred in the past when similar changes were made, I would gladly revise my criticism.

    I like the slower game because I no longer get any Code 17's. Bravo to Zynga for fixing that.

    @ General_Grey Thank you.

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    Adapting to your surroundings is also known as evolving. Since embarking on this discussion I have actually started paying more attention to the mines and the more I do the more I see them being used as a deterrent. I just send my Colossus to trample them if they are in my way, so I like seeing them. I do understand the potential value in hidden mines, I just see it encouraging spying more than anything else.

    Also I did not assert that players would quit, I speculated. Wagered actually. I would not assert without backup. The point I was trying to make was that while I understand you, and I, might desire a more complex and difficult environment requiring a bit more thought and strategic planning, evidence shows (you can watch replays all day) most players prefer just to spam drones or strikers.

    From your comments I am guessing you place a high value on defense which I do not. I have again assessed the environment, determined that defense is futile, and adapted. Once I have a fully maxed HQ26 base, I might change my mind, but until then losing attacks is not an issue for me. If my assumption is correct, we could argue until the end of time and never reach agreement. That is one of the great things about this game, there are as many different ways to enjoy it as there are players.

    Maybe, requesting an additional type of mine that cannot be seen would make more sense, but suddenly making them invisible to attackers seems unfair to the many players who have adapted to the environment provided and are thriving in it.

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    Oops I wrongly said "losing attacks" when I meant "losing defenses"

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    @ Stinky no worries about the verbal paraphasia. I do it myself sometimes.

    And good guess--I do indeed value defense as much as offense. It is a key component in winning wars, particularly when they are races (as nearly all the high player alliance wars are today). I have been in many where we won because the opposition alliance could not get that last flag (or in real knock-down drag-outs, simply got one fewer flag than we did). If Zynga provided a base-editor where we could save different iterations, and test them by attacking ourselves, I'd like it even more!

    You make a good point about spying, Stinky. And that is a part of war. However, the game does provide the means to prevent that pre-war: Lock down the alliance and/or make it "invitation only." I get that's inconvenient for some players as they've "adapted" to today's environment, just as it's equally convenient to see an opponent's mines in today's environment.

    And sure, I realize that would make jumping a bit more problematic but, lest we digress into a discussion about jumping, please understand that I was a jumper for a good half-year. I was vocal when it degenerated into "stealing," then was vocal again in its defense when it got screwed down too tightly (lol... that political pendulum swing). I believe Zynga found a reasonable balance to address jumping with the solution currently implemented, i.e. one can jump all one wants as long as there is also concomitant participation in that alliance's war in order to get loot. The Developer's final decision seems fair to me.

    Again, and without evidence, I don't know what "most players would prefer" to do regarding spamming drones and strikers. I only speak here for myself. You might be correct, but it would be as "correct" as noting that many players who visit online poker sites go all-in pre-flop in Texas Hold'em on every hand because they don't care about fake chips. But it ruins the POKER game for everyone because these "players" are playing slots, not poker. They are the equivalent of trolls, imho (because the behavior is not sustainable, and every real poker player knows it).

    But drone and striker swarms don't bother me. My base is defensively designed to shut them down more often than not, so I've already skewed the odds in my favor. If someone is going to hit my base, they're darn well going to have to think about it. I prefer strategy, which I suspect from your polite reply, you do too. Sure it's fun but, like the Twilight Zone episode where the dead mobster thinks he's gone to heaven because he's getting everything he wants just by asking for it, it's a safe bet on our human experience that it also gets extremely boring after a few hundred times, just like the guy in that episode finally realized he wasn't in "heaven" at all! I'm no better than anyone here--I had to learn that myself as I went through my own "all drones" then "all strikers" phases. To come full circle from this digression, I simply think mines should be hidden.

    Yes, there are many different ways to enjoy the game as there are players. That said, mines are MINES and I remain convinced that they should be HIDDEN. "Adapting" to mines that are in full display is hardly an evolution I embrace, so I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.

    Thanks, Stinky. I have enjoyed our discussion.

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    I strongly agree with Gord. Mines aren't flagged nor do they have little signs saying, "Here we are guys!" Mine's should be hidden no matter what the strength. Any amount of damage can play a part in whether troops or vehicles are destroyed. Mines are made to be hidden!
    Stealth should NOT be advertised! The word states what it is! If you can't look at a base and see that something might be missing, then you should be able to figure out a Stealth Generator is active.
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    I stopped buying gold after the mission change limits took effect. Mostly because of the way Zynga did it. The lies were too much for me. I'm not supporting a dishonest person or company or entity. Now I'm saving hundreds of dollars a month! It was better than switching to geico!

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    edited June 2018

    Okay, this is a very nice update (June 26, 2018). Thank you, Zynga Developers! Of course, there are a few things that I'd request be tweaked, but that's life, and none (except how the mines are still visible to enemies) are worth a rant. I think you're on the right track again. "Balance" has been restored to my universe (and I realize, to other readers, YMMV). Great job and good luck clearing the few bugs I've encountered with the release; I'm sure after some well-deserved rest, you'll be all over them.

    I've retracted what was the subject line of this message--I'm back to buying gold again.

    But I still think all those mines should be hidden! :/


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    Attack time is running fast in my opinion it starts timer too fast and 15 min of Strikeforce is BS ! I’ve played for years and now I’m done buying gold and supporting Zynga !Heres another point when research takes days you’re assists are 30 min.

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