Looking For A Alliance or You want a merger well you wanna click here

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Need a new home? Finding that you're the only active participant in your alliance? Tired of not getting any rss help, though you're constantly donating?

STOP THE MADNESS! -Cobra- is waiting for you. Reach out to us today!

Benefits to making us your home....

We Have A lot of Wars
We are polite / respectful
We are helpful on rss requests
and last but not least, WE HAVE ALOT OF WARS
Make no mistake, this is where you want to be!

We all have lives (family, work, school, etc), but enjoy playing this game. So no pressure will be received from us on your rate of progress Just try to be as much as u can. We do have three requirements though....
1) If you're not available for the upcoming war, do opt out.
2) Be willing to donate as much as you receive.
3) Be ACTIVE ( Atleast every other day)

If this sounds good to you, reach out to us in Game

Alliance Is -Cobra-
Leader Cobra Commander

To half full alliances that are also having a hard time filling their ranks, -Cobra- is open to the idea of merging as well. We're obviously looking to max our count for the Prestige growth and benefits, so if your members are looking for the same reach out!


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