take empire and allies to next level!

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Hi Developer team..hope you will take a look of my idea.if we add a ship in the game game then it will better to attract more people towards the game.

1.add a sea out side the game where trees and hill is located
2.add only one ship(if add more then game important will diverted)
3.it will work like drone vehicle..fire a bunch of rocket.also target viper and protect the base from one side .
4.give the power viper and colonus to destroy to warship..new update will come..i heared dat colonus will fly then its easy to destroy warship.
5.please please give the warship name as "BLACK PEARL"



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    Thank you for sharing your suggestion, and I'll take note of it, @INDIAN. :)

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    no no ..Fast of all my friend u dont understand the motive of game..if u are playing alone then u cant upgrade a item..so allies with your empire top players.give resources and get resources..u help them to upgrade and they will help u to upgrade.in this way u can survive..i am getting 2M resources but i donate all to my empire lower base to upgrade.so in this way u can make your base strong..if u did this then my ideal will justify..nothing is impossible

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