New War Factory

ClefTheGreatClefTheGreat Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 9 Loose Cannon

I have 2 accounts under the same name and a third under a different login. 1 of the 3 have the updated looking War Factory. Plus The character with a Lvl 1 War Factory can build a Defensive Shield for 2+2 of the 1st 2 comps. The character with the Lvl 5 War Factory can build the Defensive Shield with 12+12+12 of the 1st 3 comps. The 3rd with a Lvl 9 War Factory can build a Defensive Shield with 4+2+2 of the 1st 3 comps. What's up with that ? Why doesn't all 3 of my characters have the newer/upgraded looking War Factory ? Why is there such a difference in the amount of comps needed to build a Defensive Shield ? Why are the War Factory comps so hard to find ? After 5 consecutive battles they stop dropping all together. The Guidance system (most commonly needed comp) is the hardest to get.

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