Feedback for the Lapsed General

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  • Garrot1Garrot1 Posts: 81Registered User, Facebook Connect User Dramachine
    I am the only General of 7 dust.
    If I'm getting this right it is going to pick the general for you??? If so I won't like it
    And is unnecessary. That's what I'm getting from the comment above.
    This is the first time I've heard about it.
  • Garrot1Garrot1 Posts: 81Registered User, Facebook Connect User Dramachine
    Ok just found it. I think you should look at some of the alliances out there that dont have any active players. I've seen alliances with players 250 plus days out.
    This feature will only just keep running and running. And will be a waste of energy in game. Should have a feature that dismantles the alliances that are all inactive. It's nothing but clutter in the way
  • Garrot1Garrot1 Posts: 81Registered User, Facebook Connect User Dramachine
    BUT with further thought I like it that way the new general can kick the old one.
  • WhiteniteWhitenite Posts: 408Registered User, Facebook Connect User Forum Detective

    Hopefully the algo is smart enough to only give to an "active" player... if it goes to other inactives that would be

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  • jhonnyplumberjhonnyplumber Posts: 714Registered User, Facebook Connect User Party Starter
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    im the general of my alliances and ive had enough of this game for a few weeks , maybe even take a cpl of months away(being as the game aint much fun for me), but before i took leave, i made 3 members brigadiers so they could still run the alliance. so youre now telling me, when i decide to give the game another shot, my alliances will no longer be mine?

  • Quetzalcoatl2015Quetzalcoatl2015 The One Who Knows It All Posts: 587Registered User Goldsmith

    New stuff new ideas

    But the reality is the the game is plaged of bugs error and glitches and they do nothing to fix it..

    That is the news I want to hear

  • Gary KoellmelGary Koellmel Pumpkin Posts: 41Registered User Grasshopper

    I have a brigadier and two colonels that DON'T want to be a general! Two have a higher medal count than me and they told me they would quit the game if it is forced on them. Zynga has come up with some stupid ideas, robots comes to mind, but nothing on the level of this! Perhaps you should fix the game before introducing anymore wacky ideas! Many of us have had the same nagging issues for months and nothing has been done to correct them yet you find time to come up with another thing that makes absolutely no sense!

  • ronggolaweronggolawe Posts: 2Registered User, Facebook Connect User Not a Title, but a Star
    Nice and good game....i like it..for relax time...
  • kosmothekillerkosmothekiller Posts: 31Registered User, Facebook Connect User Forum Traveller

    i like the game and all but i think implementing the idea of demoting the general after 14 days of not being active is not right.this what may happen if you do demote a general . the next one in line can take over and kick out the ones he don't want there including the one that was demoted. this is how to lose all of gamers that like this . i been playing games like this for years and this is a good way to lose a good amount of your game base players.

  • Toby326Toby326 Posts: 33Registered User, Facebook Connect User Forum Traveller
    I'm the general I like the idea cause I kick inactive players after 15 days who would wanna play with a inactive general so be active an war on
  • kosmothekillerkosmothekiller Posts: 31Registered User, Facebook Connect User Forum Traveller
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    i don't think it right to give some else alliance away. for the one's that are in alliances that their generals are in active they need to build one themselves are find an active alliance. how would you feel if someone else took over your alliance while you are gone . you wouldn't like it. seems like you want too chase away the fan base that you have by doing this. there are 100s of players that are inactive more than 60 and up to a 500 days . get rid of them i can pull up 10 alliance where there are alliances that have been inactive for 365 days at least and nothing being done with them

    i am a true gamer i have played 100s of games here on the net and game console so need to rethink on how this should be done. Here is one that the whole alliance has been inactive for at least 300 days. Look. their whole alliance has been inactive for over 300 days Here is one

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