Viper early access and missing gold.

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OK, this is my first post in forums. I am not an old player, only HQ17. So following events happened in last 2 days.

  1. Day before yesterday, I had 700+ gold, I already have 2 engineers, so I use gold only to hurry research.
  2. I logged on yesterday, I got invitation to buy early access to Viper and suddenly almost 100 gold went missing.
  3. I thought, it must be my mistake. So, I started pulling all of the trees, and surprise surprise, Level 5/6 trees, only giving 1 gold each.
  4. I used few accounts to pass gold to me, and requested 10 gold. Finally managed to have 715 gold.
  5. I was talking in alliance chat and wrote that I have 715 gold.
  6. I logged on today and 35 gold went missing, now I have 680 gold only.
  7. I thought, once again, I must have made a mistake, I checked alliance chat and yup I had 715 gold.
  8. I could not have used it, as both engineers were busy with 15hr+ each waiting. Research was 18hrs wait. So either of these would need 1K+ gold.

Now, am I alone in this?


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