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Q: What is the Colossus? How does it help me in the game?
A: Colossus is the first in the series of all-new Omega Units, the most powerful unit introduced in the game. A high-health unit with Bonus Armor, it can survive Attacks that no other Unit can. Furthermore, it’s powerful AoE Attacks will wipe out Enemy Troops and Defenses.

Omega Units, once deployed, also have a Super Ability. These uber-powerful abilities are unique to each Omega Unit and can turn the tide of battle.


Q: What is the minimum required HQ Level to unlock new Omega Unit: Colossus?
A: The Robotic Bay that houses the Omega Unit, Colossus is unlocked at HQ Level 8.

Q: How do I construct the Omega Unit: Colossus?
A: To Construct the Colossus, you will need 200 Cybernetic cores. These Cybernetic cores can be collected at the end of victorious PvP battles (battle drops) and by opening Elite Caches.

Q: Why am I unable to unlock the Omega Unit: Colossus even though I’m at HQ Level 8?
A: You might not be seeing the new Omega Unit due to the slow rollout. However, rest assured that all players will be able to access the new unit in the coming days. For more information, please visit this article.

Q: I can't wait to unlock the new Omega Unit. Is there an Early Access for it?
A: Yes, you can now unlock the new Omega Unit: Colossus in advance using gold. As the timer for the Early access shortens, the gold needed to unlock it also reduces.

Q: What are Cybernetic Cores? How do I get them?
A: These are the components required to unlock Colossus. You will need 200 Cybernetic cores that you can collect from winning Quick matches and by opening Elite caches. You can also get bonus Cybernetic Cores from the first Quick Match Battle of the day.

Q: What is Robotics Bay? How does it help me in the game?
A: Robotics Bay is necessary to deploy an Omega Unit on your Base.

You can Repair/Revive and apply Boosts on the deployed Omega Unit from the Robotics Bay. Only ONE Omega Unit can be deployed at any given time.

Q: What does the below icon represent in the Robotics bay?

A: Clicking on the above icon Enables or Disables the Defense Mode for Colossus. Enabling Colossus for Defense mode will engage the Omega Unit to fight for you when your base in being attacked. By default, Colossus is set to Defense mode. Also, An Omega Unit is vulnerable to take damage during a battle in Active Defense mode.

Robotics Bay Before Colossus Unlocked: (Defense Mode Disabled)

Robotics Bay with Colossus Unlocked: (Defense Mode Enabled)

Q: How do I level up the Omega Unit: Colossus in the game?
A: When your Omega Unit engages in a battle, it earns XP based on the damage done and received. It also gains XP for all successful defenses when it is on Defense mode.

Colossus can be upgraded to up to 15 Levels. You can level up your Omega unit faster using the 2X XP boost available in the Robotics Bay.

Screenshots of Colossus at different Levels:

Colossus gains XP in all victorious battles and in all successful defense of your base

The image below shows XP gained when 2X XP boost is applied in the game.

Q: Can I level up my Omega unit without upgrading my HQ?
A: Yes, Omega unit gains XP and levels up only in battles and in Defense mode. Upgrading HQ does not affect the Omega levels.

Q: What is so special about the Colossus or Omega Unit?
A: Each Omega unit has a special ability, referred to as "SUPER" in the game. The new Omega Unit: Colossus has a SUPER ability called “SUPER: OVERLOAD”. Activating this will charge its Shield to 150% and draws the fire of all nearby enemies for 5 seconds.

Note: The “SUPER: OVERLOAD” takes 20 seconds to get charged initially and once used takes 20 seconds to recharge.

Q: Do we have boosts for the new Omega Unit?
A: Yes, we have 2 boosts available for Colossus.

AUTO REPAIR - Omega Unit is repaired/revived for 15 mins once activated.
DOUBLE XP - Omega Unit gains 2X XP for the next 2 battles.

Click on the icon in the Robotics Bay to find the boosts available for the Omega Unit.

Q: How do I deploy the Omega Unit in the battle?
A: Enter the battle as you normally do. On the left side, you will find the new Omega Unit ready for deployment. Click on it and tap on the battlefield to see the Colossus decimate the enemy units. Use the Control group {Ὠ} and Flares to move the Omega Unit in the battle field.

Q: My Colossus has taken damage. How do I repair it?
A: You can repair Colossus at the Robotics Bay. You will need Fuel and Steel to repair it.

Click on the above icon to Repair Colossus.

Q: My Colossus has been destroyed. How do I revive it?
A: You can revive Colossus at the Robotics Bay. Click on the Revive option to get Colossus up and ready for battle. You will need Fuel and Steel to Revive Colossus. Reviving an Omega Unit takes more resources than Repair. Hence, you should repair the hero often.

Note: If you have Auto Repair boost active, you do not need to spend Resources to revive/repair Colossus

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