E&A DevSpeak #7: Bug Fixes for Alliance War Loot

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We know some of our players had issues with not receiving the loot from an Alliance War. After some extensive troubleshooting and analysis, we’re happy to say that this issue has been fixed and the solution was rolled out a couple of weeks ago.

The issue was caused due to a large number of entries in players’ Gift Boxes causing subsequent grants of War Loot to get lost. We have added a system to handle the grant of War Loots separately. This way, even if there are a lot of Gifts waiting for a player, War Loot should still be granted.

We have monitored the occurrence of this issue over the last two weeks and have verified that all eligible players do indeed get the Rewards.

Thank you for your patience and please do continue to provide your valuable feedback.

Over and Out,
Team E&A.


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