Issues with War Search, Joining the Alliances

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I have 4 Alliances that I run.
I do war search then Reinforcements then We fight along with my friends.
But, lately when we do war search it gets cancelled by itself and we have to do it again once or twice and it's happening many times for 4 days now.
Then when we want to jump to our other Alliances it gives error that unable to Join the Alliances. Yesterday we lost 2 wars and 2 warloots because we were not able to join any Alliance, were roaming in the open and couldn't get in to our Alliance for 3 hours.
I don't know what's going on ... are there some changes going to happen soon ?




  • WhiteniteWhitenite Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 408 Forum Detective

    This war search thing only keeps getting worse...
    But I guess its more important to add new troops like Colossus or new HQ levels... please fix what is already here before adding new features to the game.

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