The Matchmaking fix

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The quick match system is rigged. There is a level 74 player with level 24 HQ allowed to resource farm the gold league (800 medal count). I have a level 25, 10 HQ in that league. IS there anything stopping high level players dropping their medal count and taking advantage of the system??? No, there isn't. There is no repercussions for dropping your medal count. There is no incentive to keep your medal count up. It is a useless number that means absolutely nothing. Everyone should drop their medal count down to <1000 and just rake in all the resources, YOU WILL NEVER NEED TO BUY GOLD AGAIN with this system.

However, if you make the medals count worth something, it would discourage players from dropping their medal count. You should put tiered medal boosts (i.e. medal count 2000-2999 = 5% reduction time of research, 3000-4999 = 8% reduction time of research) or a penalty could be assessed for the medal dumping (i.e. no resources for defeating a player that has an HQ 4+ levels lower than yours.

This will encourage players to update bases and research. Players will want to purchase more gold to update faster to get to the tiered research bonuses. You could also implement a gold slot machine that could reward various war factory items, gold, or resources which will help players who wish to spend the gold to gamble.


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    I totally agree. This quick matching mess needs to be FIXED!!!!! How is the heck does matching a level 43 player ha level 13 to a level 72 hq 22 makes sense to anyone? No amount of boots would even get you 1 star off that base. It needs to be based primarily 9n hq level....1-3 below, higher and same.

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    To the best of my knowledge a low level guy never fights very high level HQs. HQ20s mostly fight HQ20s, HQ21 fight HQ21, etc. I have lower medal accounts and never ran into this issue.

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    My headquarters 13.I have 19-20 headquarters often coming to me now.

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