HQ Level upgrade 23 & 24 - FAQ

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Q: How do I make sure I am ready to upgrade my HQ Level to 23 & 24?
: Make sure your current HQ level is 22. Also, Upgrade your Supply, Steel and Tech Stockpiles at HQ Level 22 so that the resource caps are greater than the HQ upgrade requirements.

Q: What's new at HQ levels 23 & 24? Why should I upgrade to new HQ levels?
: Upgrading to HQ Level 23 unlocks the “Alpha Tower”, a new and powerful defensive structure.

At HQ 24, you will also unlock a new Command Power: “Camouflage”.

Reaching Level 75 will also allow you to have another Strike Force slot in the game. You can use your Facebook friends as Strike Force.

Additionally, you will be able to build another Rail Gun on your base, place more land mines and shock mines. You can also level up most of the Buildings, Troops and Command Powers to make them more powerful.

Details regarding the Command Power “Camouflage” can be found in the Research Agency.

Q: How does the new Defensive structure: “Alpha Tower” work?
: The Alpha Tower is a structure that boosts the Hitpoints and Damage/sec for all of the Buildings in its vicinity, and it will play an important role in the placement of your defensive structures. If it is destroyed, the effect of the boost ends.

The below image shows the radius and the effect of the Alpha Tower on the surrounding structures.

Details regarding the new Alpha Tower can be found under Buildings | Defenses section.

Q: Can I upgrade the Alpha Tower? If yes, how do I do that?
: Alpha Tower is unlocked at HQ Level 23, while Upgrades are available at HQ Level 24. To upgrade the Alpha Tower, click on the Alpha Tower, Tap on the upgrade icon and choose Upgrade or Instant.

Q: How does the new Command Power “Camouflage” work?
: The new Command Power “Camouflage” allows troops/units to move in the battle from one point to another undetected. The unique power can be used for both offensive and defensive purposes.

Note: If the troops move over Land or Shock mines, the units under the effect of Camouflage will take damage.

To move the troops under the effect of the Camouflage, you will need to use Flares or Control groups.

Click on the Command Power, then apply it on the troops.
Now move the troops from one place to another by dropping flares or using Control groups.
You can use the Camouflage command power on any troop at any given point of time during the battle.

The above image shows the units under the effect of Camouflage. Once the command power is used, the troops stand still. You will need to use flares or control groups to move the troops.

Q: Can I upgrade the duration of the Camouflage effect? If yes, how do I do that?
: Yes, you can upgrade the Command Power duration in the Research Agency.

Additional Q&A regarding the Command Power “Camouflage” and “Alpha Tower”:

1. Can I have multiple Alpha Towers in my base?
: No, you can only have one Alpha Tower on your base.

2. Will the Alpha tower increase the Hitpoints and Damage of units on the Rally Flag?
: No, Alpha Tower only increases the Hitpoints and Damage of the buildings in its radius.

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