EVENT: Tactical Leap

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Commanders! Upgrade your Units and Command points by doing research and gain the Tactical Supremacy over your enemies.


Q: How do I participate?
Upgrade your Units and Command powers in the Research Agency to collect XP and Participate in this Event. Any Research that starts and ends within the event duration counts towards the Event progress.

Q: Why should I care about this event?
For a limited time, Speeding up your Research costs 50% lesser Gold. So you can upgrade more Units/command powers during the events, earn XP from research and collect exclusive Rewards!

Q: What if I'm already at max level?
Sit back, relax & feel awesome because you win by default! We'll send out a special gift to everyone in this state at the end of the event with the other winners. We recommend that you help out your Alliance members with their Research!

Q: How can I take full advantage of this event and gain prizes?
Try and complete as many Researches as possible! The more XP you earn, better the reward.

Q. I am not seeing 50% discount on the ‘Instant’ option in my Research Agency.
The event does not provide discounts on resources, only speedups. Since the ‘Instant’ cost includes speedup as well as resources, the % discount on the ‘Instant’ option will seem to be lower.

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