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The game gets boring if players reach HQ22.
The best way to keep players in the game is to make the war system appealing.
I would suggest to revamp the war system similar to 'clash of clans', it does not need to be exactly the same but at least the concept:
1. Loot rewards: The player in the alliance who defeated the top player from the opponent should get the highest loot, and the player who defeated the lowest ranked player from the opponent gets the lowest loot. If you lost, you may get loot but significantly lower. In this way, players are motivted to constantly upgrade their attack units in order to attack strong opponents and also players are more willing to attack. You can also add the rare loot into the reward system (e.g. If the alliance won the war, each player who participated in the attack may get 1 war component from each kind).
2. Alliance perks/rewards or level: In order for the alliance to stay, there must be something of a reward system also. In clash of clans, as the clan levels up, the amount of loot each member receive also increases. At certain level, donated troops also automatically increases by 1 level or 2 levels depending on the clan level.
3. Friendly Challenge: I think it is good and fun to have friendly battle with your fb friends or alliance members. This you can also test and enhance your attack strategy and your defense strength.

These are only few I can remember. I hope zynga will look into improving the war system not just adding units or levels into the game. This is the best way to keep players loyal to the game.




  • GusHayabusaGusHayabusa Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 4 Not a Title, but a Star
    Dear devs of Zynga,
    If I may add my own thoughts on an important issue.

    I don't know if this has been brought up before but there is the serious issue of TIME ZONES!
    2 teams, equally good, different time zones.
    The team that wins all flags FIRST wins the war. If the other team also wins all flags but later, they still lose the war. That is not a logical outcome.

    I suggest an equal amount of loot earned in case of ALL flags won by both teams.
    Your thoughts?
  • EarthshakerEarthshaker Super Moderator Registered User Posts: 196 Fisherman

    That would be great, Commander! I will let the team know. Thank you.

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    Totally agree re: the issue of time zones. My alliance has international players, no way they can all play at the same time. Equal shares of war loot would be a much fairer system

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    +1 million.... @GusHayabusa - Completely agree. I'm in a very international alliance and we always have this problem of time zones. It would be great if both alliances got the reward if its a tie. Would make it far more challenging. Now when opponent wipes all flags our members just give up which defeats the whole purpose of the game.

    As an added incentive for the "ones who got there first" - they could get a 20% bonus.

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    I dont sympathize with the time zone cryin .......recruit your own or deal.

    There does need to be some fundamental enhancements in War. For starters.....how about allowing us the option to show our war record. And there is no incentive to win wars such as an Alliance war level. Otherwise the amount of loot in war is hardly worth the effort. At lest give some braggin rights here.And add some perks for reaching those higher level war achievements. It may just spark some intrest in more Alliances participating in war and decrease some of the 8hour+ search times which is insane by any standard.The current war structure is straight up garbage and to say its pathetic is quite an understatement.

    The war map also leaves little to be desired. Its difficult to view the rotating world view imo......at least give an optional no bs view so we dont have to scroll in circles which is a real treat tobquickly identify a visual snap shot whithout having to toggle between 3 areas particularly if your the General tryin to quickly give directive.

    It would also be helpful to allow players to share replays. It would also be a huge advantage to allow the ability to practice attacks within your Alliance with no loss of troops or gain in loot or medals.

    Lastly and most importantly give us the ability to create and save alternative base layouts. The same base for war is garbage end of story. And a base editor mode would take the game to another level. Having to tap or click 400 times to locate structures is just silly. Unless you you mow down all your trees keeping track of hidden assets is silly and at times pushes my bs meter to redline.

    I have only been playing for a month and still undecided if I am in it for the long haul. I can tell you I wont open my wallet and go all in without a base editor mode. The amount wasted time spent on layout changes takes away from production.
  • JayManJayMan Not a Title, but a Star Registered User Posts: 75 Black Sheep of ze Internet

    Agreed, great points, but we definitely need a base editor of some sort. I don't know how many of us have asked for a base editor, but I'm sure its enormous. There are so many ways to make this game better and you say, you'll report it, but we rarely see any of our ideas implemented.

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    I have brought this up in a another thread, and ill bring it up here, about the base editor / save.... They sure want you to think you can save and edit... or at least that's how I read this screen, and it really bothers me.

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  • WhiteniteWhitenite Registered User, Facebook Connect User Posts: 408 Forum Detective

    Haha... I could see how you could read it that way. They are referring to you saving your one and only one base design in case you lose or wipe your device. That one and only one base design can be restored onto your device.

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