Update #3 on Issues with the Latest Game Update

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We have now pushed out a fix for the players affected by the issues with the update and hence, are removing the Maintenance window for the same. Going forward, everyone should be able to play the game without the occurrence of any of the issues caused by the update.

Some of the above players might see loss of progress of up to a day and some missing boosts. For these players, the contents of the Special Gift described below will be increased accordingly

Special Gift:
In recognition of the difficulties players have faced when trying to play the game over the last few days, we will be granting a Special Gift package to all players in the game. The contents of this package for a player are determined based on the player’s HQ Level and the extent of the impact of these issues on the player.

Our Apologies:
We hope that you accept our sincere apologies for this incident. The support voiced by many of you as we worked through the fixes was greatly appreciated. We are extremely grateful to be part of such a passionate community.

If you continue to face any issue or were unable to reach out earlier, please provide details on specific issues you have faced along with your ZID here: http://zynga.my/gameupdate.

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