E&A DevSpeak #3 ‘Medals and Matchmaking: Exploits, Fixes and Beyond’

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As has been widely discussed, over the last couple of months a small set of players have been able to exploit loopholes in the game in order to amass a significant number of medals with minimal effort. These loopholes include:
• A bug in the game code that allowed high level players to get matched against easier opponents, thus allowing them to accumulate medals easily
• A loophole in the way matchmaking on the Globe works, that allowed players to dump medals repeatedly on the same opponent, leading to inflated medal counts for the opponent with zero effort
We have put out fixes recently to address these issues. As of this moment, these loopholes have been plugged and instances of medal count inflation should not be occurring.

In addition to these fixes, we have set up better tracking mechanisms to identify such loopholes quickly going forward. This will enable us to identify and fix similar issues sooner than was possible before.

As mentioned earlier, we know that certain players have accrued inflated medal counts because of these loopholes, leading to an unfair advantage over players who play fair and did not exploit any such loopholes. We understand that the current situation can be very discouraging to a vast majority of the player base and we want to assure our players that we are acting on this.

The next action item for us is to counter the impact of these issues on players and make the game fair again. These measures will be implemented over the next few days.

We appreciate the patience of our players, as well as the initiative that many of you took to raise these issues and provide evidence on the same. Our goal is to make Empires & Allies a fun and fair experience for all our players, and we will continue to actively listen to our players and take steps to ensure just that.

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Team E&A

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