How do I name or rename my account?

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Greetings Commanders!

To know how to personalize your game name, read on:

You will be assigned a default general name (e.g. General #12345) when you start the game. Once you connect to Facebook, Game Center (iOS), or Google Play (Android), you will be able to personalize your name. To connect to your game to any of these three, tap the Settings (gear) icon, then tap the "CONNECT" button under "Facebook", "Game Center", or "Google Play". Please note that you cannot change your name on your own at this time, so please pick a good one.

[IMG] account1.png[/IMG]
Settings icon

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iOS Device

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Android device

In case you have already assigned a name to your game account and you wish to change it, we are offering a one-time courtesy name change. All you need to do is submit a Customer Support ticket by going to Settings > Help, and state your new desired name.

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    UPDATE to the Name change policy! Please refer to the support article change as of 3/9/2016.

    WE DO NOT ADVISE USING COLOR "CODING" as it MAY result in error and you will be stuck with a name that you don't want**

    If you have a problem with your name (or your name was changed via Customer Support), going forwardwe will assist all name issues through the following process:

    (if you do not have your ZID, before you begin you will need to obtain it from the "settings/help" menu)

    1- Tap here to access the name request form
    2- Provide us the following information :
    Your ZID (the number on the settings>help screen)
    Current in game name *the one you no longer want.
    Alliance name
    Comments/Feedback (optional)
    3- Wait 24-48 hours for the name change to be processed on our end and you will be able to change your own name again in game.

    *Please note:

    It may take longer than 48 hours for the game to reflect your name change across all parts (like leaderboard and friends lists), but this is normal and will update in time.

    Q: Can I use color in my name?
    A: Adding Color to your name will use up characters in which there is a limit. as of 3/9/2016 You are ONLY allowed to use "color coding" if it fits in the current Character limit. There will be no exceptions. Players who have already obtained a name which exceeded the character limit are considered "grandfathered" in.

    Q: What happened to the form? Why don't you want to know what name I want?
    A: We will simply be enabling your account for another name change which can take up to 24-48 hours. We only need your information to toggle the ability for you to change your own name.

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