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  • (Quote) Never mind. It hit double timber when I sold 25 items. Not sure how the counter got messed up.
  • (Quote) I am having the exact same issue with my Windows 10 64 bit machine ever since the last update. You can't click fast anymore because of that "freeze" because you'll end up with your mouse over the wrong thing and then the click will…
  • I'm pretty sure they want people to spend real money on keys! I get most of my keys from turning in ribbons in the Prize Tent.
  • Stage 5 looks extremely hard. I don't remember an event where it was this hard to get drops before. I cannot get a full green circle anywhere--not even close. Even in Stage 4, at least I could get a full circle at the Mill and at the Pier. That's go…
  • (Quote) Hehe...that is definitely true. As someone who is semi-retired, I can play all day. I never buy keys/coins with real money however. I just use the free boosts or use boosts that I buy with coins. Which means that if I want to place in the to…
  • I have the same issue, and it's really annoying, especially when you are looking for popular items in the market. I constantly have to wait anywhere from 3 to 10 full seconds before the market "unfreezes" and I can scroll down to see more …
  • Yep, it takes time to be able to finish these events. I can't remember what level I (I am now level 77) was when I was finally able to do it. For the beginner, it's important to always check in every day so you can have Cowboy Victor on hand. As Irr…
  • The drop rates always drive my blood pressure through the roof! I know they can be streaky, and I've had streaks where I've gotten 12 drops in a row, even including going to the Glade, but when the streak goes bad on you, it just drives you nuts. I'…
  • (Quote) That is interesting--all top 5 have the exact number 2147483647. I guess they all used the same hacking tool and it has that as a limit. They set that and walk away. What's the point of even playing?! I've been extremely lucky. I am level 7…
    in Cheaters Comment by stm2000 April 2017