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  • Here is the exact scenario, I've now seen it happen many times this week. * Start up FV Country Escape * You are put into a new County Fair Group (check it and see if you like your position within the group!) * About a full minute later you get the pop-up to choose the version of the game saved in the cloud, or the one…
  • I have tried a few things and noticed that after I start up the game, it takes a while for the popup to appear asking me whether I want to play the version on the cloud or the local version. I suspect that when I start the game, it isn't remembering my county fair group, and just puts me in a new group. If I choose the…
  • I have a variation on that. I worked hard managed to get 80000 pts over 5 days, with a comfortable lead over the 2nd place player. Since then my county fair groups have been changing non stop. I was in a new group earlier today, where I was 2nd, and the first person was 1.3 MILLION points ahead of me. Now I'm in another…
  • Here it is 6 hours later. I've gone back in to Farmville, and now I'm in another group, with a completely different set of players. Now I'm 6th. I have not done anything to my PC, other than exit the game, do some other work on my computer, and then start up the game again.
  • Now Zynga suggests that I'm changing the time settings on my machine. I have done no such thing. I've also had the members in the group change while I am playing the game! i.e. without exiting the game and coming back in. All I have done click on the country fair wagon a couple times, and there will be different people in…
  • When the leaderboard race finished, I placed 2nd. The Pet Hotel simply disappeared. There was no end of event message, I still have orange trees and cucumber plots. I have fiddleheads in my inventory, and the global feed is full of pet hotel items. Zynga told me to the event is over and all items have been cashed out. Um…
  • After opening the game for the fourth time, I now have the event.
  • I got the update, but not the event. What's going on? I now have version 11.2.2880.0.
  • Why haven't I got this event yet? A lot of members in my co-op are halfway through already!
  • Some people in my coop have the event, and others it still says coming soon. Why?
  • I agree completely. I'm at level 49, and competing with people at levels 162, 227, and others. How can I keep up with people that can store 5 times as much inventory as me, and craft 5 times faster. It's easy... keep people at the same levels to compete with each other, and get rid of boosts.
  • Click on the Icon at the top right corner (above the settings gear). The tab with two people on it is where you can see what is up for sale in your coop. Use this in conjunction with the coop chat (as people might be putting things up for specific people to buy). The coop chat tab is the one with the speech bubble on it.
  • @Jenkey, could you tell me how to contact tech support? I think I need to have them clear my requests.
  • I have been playing Country Escape on Windows for about a month now. I have joined a variety of co-ops, and NONE of them are worked for me. In the ones I joined, there were hundreds of members, yet my chat is empty and requesting helping hands does absolutely nothing for me. Is there a problem with my account perhaps?
  • Are you playing via Facebook, or the Farmville 2 Windows App? If the app, perhaps just completely uninstall it, and then reinstall?
  • Just found the animal lounge! It was so far off my screen, and away from any property that I own, that I never saw it! And now I see what the gift bag is for!
  • Glad to hear my finished food doesn't disappear! :smile: I'm at level 27. So I'm far from being at the level for purchasing the mill property (or what I assume is the mill property). I have a prized cow and pig, but not the other animals yet. It is going to take a while to earn all the bronze, silver, and gold prizes to…
  • I'm trying to work on my animal hotel. But I'm stuck because I don't have access to straw yet (no mill, prized horse, prized goat, or animal lounge). I thought I'd make some of the food with ingredients I do have, and save it up or sell it. But when the food is complete, it just disappears! Where does it go? Will I ever…