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  • It should tell you how many days until you can access the Marie Board. With my experience, it differs from game to game. On my first game, I didn't get access to Marie Boards until level 36.
    in Maries Board Comment by malbeas May 28
  • Our co op has had this same issue a couple of times. This is what we did...we opened daily and by the 3rd or 4th day of opening, we had some new members. Pretty sure this is a glitch somewhere, this is how we have been working around it.
  • Did you change time zones or change the time on your device? I've had a member of my Co Op do this and she had to wait on everything this long.
    in Fix time Comment by malbeas May 28
  • In my Co Op, I have seen level 25 that they can ask for help, AND I have also seen level 30. I don't think there is a set level to ask for help. This is from my experience.
  • Is it 2 Marie Orders or 2 Marie Co Op orders?
  • @Areyoukidding2 I haven't figured that out. I have a member who opted out but they still show up in the race each week. This is why I had my original question about if the numbers mattered in the race. Now our race is only showing 2 co ops in the race, usually there are 5-8 co ops racing against each other. Game is a hot…
  • Looking for new members, Marie Board and help others. We do not require you to do the Boat Race as some CoOps have a minimum, we don't. Our CoOp name is Shady Tree Farms. We are currently open to everyone, level 28 and higher. Come see us!!