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  • > @yutty01 said: > I have been trying to load my game all day and is is stuck in a content update loop. It will act like it is loading and then say content update please wait while required content is downloaded. the game will automatically r…
  • Oh wow mine is doing it as well!! It’s worked all day and all a sudden after I restarted the game it not is in the loop of trying to start and content update message an it restarts all over. Please help?? I’ve checked for updates and I can’t do any,…
  • The SAME thing has happened to me 3 weeks in a ROW!!!! I spend over 200 keys a week on that fair boost that I purchase and it’s screwed me also!!! Yea don’t get me started! The races have gone to **** now days. My coop every single person races and …
  • Yes you will loose all of that unfortunately:( if you leave when the race is complete you should be fine because they have a small gap between race end & the new one beginning. As far as the fair it would work the same... if pick which is more i…
  • 🥕 🌽 🌾 🍇 🍅 🍑 Hello friends! Tired of trying to find the best coop? You are in luck! Join ours it’s called **FARM TO FORK** where the grass is always greener ;) we are English speakers. All we ask is that you can be polite,, follow chat & if …
  • Hi are you in need of speed seeds delivered multiple times daily,,,I know I love it ;) sooo ADD me I can assure you even if your not as active as I am you will get speed seeds throughout the day! Happy farming! & if ur looking for a great helpf…
  • Active players wanted! Join our COOP! **FARM TO FORK** where the grass is always greener ;) looking for English speakers,, polite players that follow chat & we will help anyone anytime! If you want a terrific experience with a friendly helpfu…