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  • It's possible that when you see new members "pouring in," it's because they already know each other, maybe play Farmville 2 there (VERY different game, I don't like it). Just one theory so I don't know if it's true. ,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,mbb…
  • This is STILL HAPPENING! Am I the ONLY person with this particular problem?
  • @Ros - I didn't see your question until now. I still boggle at the number of points people get in the first HOUR of a county fair or boat race. Someone explained to me that if you have unlimited speed seeds and a 15x bonus it is possible - barely - to get the kind of scores I'm seeing in an hour for county fair. Since I am…
  • Okay... so it would have to take huge boost to get that many points. I guess my new goal will be to land in the last 3 spots so I get downgraded and eventually get into a group where I can be more competitive. Right now I have 10K+ points and am in 10th place, while the top 2 people have 220K+ points. Must be nice to be…
  • Well, Zynga? What's your explanation?
  • Well, here we are a year and a half later and it still isn't fixed. I think "we know and we're working on it" translates to "You're SOL HAHAHAHAHA."
  • Zynga seems full of glitches in the last few days. I have already had to restart 3 times in less than 4 hours today because things were not working right and the 4th time is needed. Pike jammed, mineral refill jammed twice and now a third time. (By the way, I've found posts from FOUR YEARS AGO complaining about the…
  • I know this is really old, but - how do you get 3 quartz? Is there a permanent hand (like Siamese for tin) who will give you this?
  • LMAO Okay. Effing game.
    in Pike returns Comment by Echo July 2021
  • Oh pardon my censorship. **** I N G game.
    in Pike returns Comment by Echo July 2021
  • I just got a message that unlimited speed seeds had expired. At no time was I told that I had earned unlimited speed seed after finishing the first board. GOD sometimes I hate this **** game.
    in Pike returns Comment by Echo July 2021
  • Comment deleted, only I can't figure out how to delete it completely.
  • The current event is even MORE difficult. With only one place to get tin and quartz... I am the highest level player in our co-op so I have stockpiled stuff for the lower-level people as much as possible during this one. Without co-op cooperation (and our co-op has very few active people), the events are even tougher. I…
  • I think even our leader has dropped out. I would like to start a whole new co-op, but there are only about 3 of us who ever talk on the discussion board, so I don't know how to notify the other active members. Some of them do ask for items or helping hands, or fulfill them, but literally only 3 of us converse. I have…
  • Can you only get the extra peachy pin once, when it is an example? Seems pretty stinky to show it to us once and then **** it away forever. If you CAN get it again, how?
  • Well, I closed the download and rebooted the computer and all is okay now. Sorry all your work didn't work on your phone. Can you play on a PC and try my steps there? It might clear your phone's game up.
  • I can't believe there as been no answer to this! I just got the message two hours ago and it's stuck, but 4 days is INSANE. ZYNGA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?????
  • It's obscene. You get requests for 11 glass floats and 9 spyglasses... REALLY? That takes like a zillion quartz and at the same time you need quartz for Nick and/or Eddie and/or Marie. I think it's another thinly disguised attempt by Zynga to force you to buy keys or else give up.
  • Yeah, I sure have found that out. Oh well, it was nice to get some extra pans while I worked up to the levels where I need coins!
  • I haven't tried to do this, but the only thing I can think of is to reset the game back to square one and then when it asks you if you forgot your login and to create a new account, do it that way. Let me know if it works.
  • PS I am homebound and play upwards of 8-10 hours a day, or I'd never do that well.
  • Obviously not fixed. For example, on the first day of one week, a person shot to the top with over a million points and then did nothing for the rest of the week. I actually came in #1 the first week I played, but after that, I haven't been higher than 3rd or 4th. Is this a ruse on Zynga's part to get us to buy more keys…
  • I gave up finally on the first item board. The number of difficult items was ridiculous. SEVEN pillows? Each one requiring a duck feather and brass? I'd have to put five people (at least) on the mill ALL the time to get those... and meanwhile it wanted THIRTEEN oil lamps each requiring 2 tin and 1 quartz, which means…
  • ... how do I get any of the characters you mentioned?? SIGH... thanks. For YEARS people have been asking for improvement with quartz and "Zynga" says "Oh that's a good idea" to suggestions and then nothing. I would even settle for BUYING quartz itself. But no, even rapacious Zynga draws the line at that, and we get jack…
  • THANKS!!!
    in Buying Nets Comment by Echo April 2021
  • (I think my status should stay at Clueless Cookie forever.)
    in Buying Nets Comment by Echo April 2021
  • Thank you! I'll ask her if she had an empty pen.
  • I mean bronze stamps, for which you need tons of yellow ribbons to buy.
  • sigh Thanks. Eddie never gives me bronze ribbons and they are needed more than anything else for show animals.