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  • @hawk this forum is pretty bl00dy useless, isn't it!
  • I don't know if it will do any good, but take screen shots, the go to Help in the Settings menu (gear icon upper right corner on my PC screen) and follow the instructions. I have done that for other issues a couple of times and received responses (1 satisfactory, 1 not).
  • Where are you trying to sell them? In the event, or in the market because you have too many? If you can't sell them in the event window when they are asked for, you need to take a screen shot of what happens, then go to Help in the Settings menu and tell them the problem. You can never sell finished items in the global or…
  • Thanks, I just needed some sort of corroboration that it was or was not unusual. Will contact them now. Won't hold my breath, though.
  • I can think of much better things to do with my speed seeds.
  • It's possible that when you see new members "pouring in," it's because they already know each other, maybe play Farmville 2 there (VERY different game, I don't like it). Just one theory so I don't know if it's true. ,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,mbb…
  • This is STILL HAPPENING! Am I the ONLY person with this particular problem?
  • @Ros - I didn't see your question until now. I still boggle at the number of points people get in the first HOUR of a county fair or boat race. Someone explained to me that if you have unlimited speed seeds and a 15x bonus it is possible - barely - to get the kind of scores I'm seeing in an hour for county fair. Since I am…
  • Okay... so it would have to take huge boost to get that many points. I guess my new goal will be to land in the last 3 spots so I get downgraded and eventually get into a group where I can be more competitive. Right now I have 10K+ points and am in 10th place, while the top 2 people have 220K+ points. Must be nice to be…
  • Well, Zynga? What's your explanation?
  • Well, here we are a year and a half later and it still isn't fixed. I think "we know and we're working on it" translates to "You're SOL HAHAHAHAHA."
  • Zynga seems full of glitches in the last few days. I have already had to restart 3 times in less than 4 hours today because things were not working right and the 4th time is needed. Pike jammed, mineral refill jammed twice and now a third time. (By the way, I've found posts from FOUR YEARS AGO complaining about the…
  • I know this is really old, but - how do you get 3 quartz? Is there a permanent hand (like Siamese for tin) who will give you this?
  • LMAO Okay. Effing game.
    in Pike returns Comment by Echo July 2021
  • Oh pardon my censorship. **** I N G game.
    in Pike returns Comment by Echo July 2021
  • I just got a message that unlimited speed seeds had expired. At no time was I told that I had earned unlimited speed seed after finishing the first board. GOD sometimes I hate this **** game.
    in Pike returns Comment by Echo July 2021
  • Comment deleted, only I can't figure out how to delete it completely.
  • The current event is even MORE difficult. With only one place to get tin and quartz... I am the highest level player in our co-op so I have stockpiled stuff for the lower-level people as much as possible during this one. Without co-op cooperation (and our co-op has very few active people), the events are even tougher. I…
  • I think even our leader has dropped out. I would like to start a whole new co-op, but there are only about 3 of us who ever talk on the discussion board, so I don't know how to notify the other active members. Some of them do ask for items or helping hands, or fulfill them, but literally only 3 of us converse. I have…
  • Can you only get the extra peachy pin once, when it is an example? Seems pretty stinky to show it to us once and then **** it away forever. If you CAN get it again, how?
  • Well, I closed the download and rebooted the computer and all is okay now. Sorry all your work didn't work on your phone. Can you play on a PC and try my steps there? It might clear your phone's game up.
  • I can't believe there as been no answer to this! I just got the message two hours ago and it's stuck, but 4 days is INSANE. ZYNGA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?????
  • It's obscene. You get requests for 11 glass floats and 9 spyglasses... REALLY? That takes like a zillion quartz and at the same time you need quartz for Nick and/or Eddie and/or Marie. I think it's another thinly disguised attempt by Zynga to force you to buy keys or else give up.
  • Yeah, I sure have found that out. Oh well, it was nice to get some extra pans while I worked up to the levels where I need coins!
  • I haven't tried to do this, but the only thing I can think of is to reset the game back to square one and then when it asks you if you forgot your login and to create a new account, do it that way. Let me know if it works.
  • PS I am homebound and play upwards of 8-10 hours a day, or I'd never do that well.
  • Obviously not fixed. For example, on the first day of one week, a person shot to the top with over a million points and then did nothing for the rest of the week. I actually came in #1 the first week I played, but after that, I haven't been higher than 3rd or 4th. Is this a ruse on Zynga's part to get us to buy more keys…
  • I gave up finally on the first item board. The number of difficult items was ridiculous. SEVEN pillows? Each one requiring a duck feather and brass? I'd have to put five people (at least) on the mill ALL the time to get those... and meanwhile it wanted THIRTEEN oil lamps each requiring 2 tin and 1 quartz, which means…
  • ... how do I get any of the characters you mentioned?? SIGH... thanks. For YEARS people have been asking for improvement with quartz and "Zynga" says "Oh that's a good idea" to suggestions and then nothing. I would even settle for BUYING quartz itself. But no, even rapacious Zynga draws the line at that, and we get jack…