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  • Saeed7262
    hi H :( ow are you ?
    Why I can’t use coop chat it’s just ‏Keep connecting all the time u can check the pictures and pls help me to fix if this problem pls
    November 12
  • ljsignor
    Why is Zynga ignoring the fact that higher iOS versions cannot connect to Facebook? The work around is old. You can connect to Facebook in FarmVille Tropic Escapes. Not fair!
    October 28
  • Sooozy

    Hi! I just had a question about my missing rewards from the County Fair. I won first place this week and I was selecting my items and it just closed out on me and I never was able to confirm. I have a screenshot of it as well.

    October 1
  • sweetsk
    A lot of people including myself haven't been able to play for 2 days because our game is frozen. It loads but it doesn't let us move the screen around or touch anything.
    September 26
  • Cecil

    My game is frozen. I have shut it down, online and off line, updated my iOS, turned my WiFi on and off but no luck. The animation is working but I cannot move around my farm. Please help

    September 24
  • Tlaw125

    Stuck on tutorial for water scape. Keeps making me buy minerals so I have tried to buy the minerals many times then it freezes when harvested so restart the game and then it wants you to buy minerals again. I am first on the current event for the dog for the second week in a row. It is stuck on calculating rewards. The game will not let me go to settings or move at all. I lost so far 4 places down on the boat race because I cant go anywhere to play it. Lost keys trying to get the silly thing to unstick. I have done a forced stop checked for updates for the android phone. It is up to date. Please help.

    July 29
    • Margy
      I did too and I can't play the excavation event. I was in 5th place and now the event is completely frozen.
  • Margy

    Why did my event freeze?

    September 18