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  • ZeeVee
    Hi Alphine,
    Are you able to help with my game that’s frozen? Accidentally clicked on cafe on wheels and now I can only see the farm and see the cafe roll up but frozen. I cane zoom in, move around the farm or click on anything. Appreciate any help you could give.
    December 4
  • wwjddebbie808

    Hi Alpine :) can you tell me if we should be getting Pike once we open the third water plot or is this another slow roll out? I would ask support but most of the time the button is not there and when it is and I type in my issue it says “something went wrong”.

    December 2
  • Saeed7262
    hi Heow are you ?
    Why I can’t use coop chat it’s just ‏Keep connecting all the time u can check the pictures and pls help me to fix if this problem pls
    November 12
  • annieb364

    Hi, I saw in the forum that you helped someone with a stuck state fair. I am having the same problem - can you help? I play on a Macbook in Chrome. I know it is not the computer as my son's FV2 game works just fine on my computer. I can't get into the state fair and the screen to go there keeps coming up whenever I do anything on my farm. It opens, won't go to the state fair, then I can't close it.

    November 3