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Maries Order’s

cat21cat21 Registered User Posts: 1 Not a Title, but a Star
Maries Orders are getting more and more repetitive and very difficult although I’m only on level 52. Does this change at all? I’ve tried closing out tasks to get new ones but it just cycles the same ones. I don’t want to spend my whole play time making shrimp skewers and blackberry custards. I’ve closed the request for 9 glass horses several times already. Is this normal?


  • RosRos Registered User Posts: 250 Gabby Enthusiast

    @cat21 - orders do get more difficult as your level goes up, but you should still get some easier ones appear. It is not normal for two or three orders to repeat themselves a lot, but I have found that my orders tend to be based on items I am currently crafting or have just sold. Do you have glass horses in your barn? That might influence the number of times that that order appears. Perhaps sell all of your glass horses. I also find that I get easier orders when my silo is at green level i.e. not very full. Try to use up crops in your silo and see if that helps.

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